Will Steger Foundation Expedition Copenhagen 2009

The Expedition Copenhagen team consists of Midwest youth who will travel to the international climate negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark, December 5-19, 2009. The expedition will be led in part by internationally renowned polar explorer Will Steger, and designed in collaboration with youth climate partners across the region.

Day Two in Copenhagen: Trail Notes

Posted On Sunday, December 06, 2009 by Reed Aronow |

The anticipation is hanging thick in the air with less than a day left until what could potentially be the most important conference ever to occur. At the Conference of Youth today, I met many people and learned many things, but what stands out most is the overwhelming feeling of hope that is resonating throughout. We can and we will do everything possible to put the pressure on for a strong, equitable, and legally binding treaty. There are over 500 United States youth delegates at the conference, and we will hold the negotiators from our home states accountable for our future. The next two weeks will be critical in determining the future histories that we and our descendents will someday write. May we choose our better future. Until Tomorrow, Reed
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