Will Steger Foundation Expedition Copenhagen 2009

The Expedition Copenhagen team consists of Midwest youth who will travel to the international climate negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark, December 5-19, 2009. The expedition will be led in part by internationally renowned polar explorer Will Steger, and designed in collaboration with youth climate partners across the region.

A cultural yogurt experience

Posted On Sunday, December 06, 2009 by Jamie R., WI |

On the second official day of my 18-day stay here in Copenhagen, I find myself a little homesick for some small comforts of home. One of those comforts is Stonyfield Farm yogurt. This stellar company is not only one of our sponsors, along with the Will Steger Foundation, but they are also responsible for the tickle on my taste buds amidst my granola in the morning back home.

The photo to your right (by Chalie Nevarez) is Danish yogurt. Mmmhmm. Mixing this Danish yogurt with my granola in the morning here in Copenhagen reminds me of stirring half-melted butter into cookie dough; its consistency is similar to mashed potatoes. Smushing it into a stirred submission, the delegates and I jokingly ask each other for a fork and knife to eat it.

Check out this video for a first hand look.

I feel like it's good training though. We're ready for a fight, starting with the yogurt in the morning. I'm not sure if negotiating a climate bill will be easier or more challenging that stirring our granola into this yogurt... time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates, complete with yogurt and metaphors.

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